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5/1/2023 | 3 min read

Hey, We’re Agile Telehealth!

Speedy virtual care at home or on-the-go

Female clinician holding a tablet with a smile on her face looking at the camera

In case you haven’t met us yet, we’d like to make a formal introduction. We’re Agile Telehealth, a virtual care company built by physicians for their patients. Our mission is to provide convenient, discrete and cost-effective care for your most common medical concerns and weight loss needs from absolutely anywhere! 

We’d love to share a little bit about who we are, what we do and why we’re so passionate about delivering high-quality virtual care.

Who we are

Agile Telehealth was founded by physicians for patients. We believe everyone should have access to excellent healthcare, regardless of where they are or when they need it the most. Our licensed providers focus on your unique weight loss concerns to deliver effective, personalized treatment via no appointment messaging or real-time consults. Thousands of happy patients later, we look forward to making a difference for you too!

What we do

Agile is a telemedicine and virtual care company offering medical weight loss treatments and treating your most common health conditions — 100% online. Simply fill out a brief survey or patient intake form describing your current symptoms and medical history for an expert provider to review. Then you’re on your way to rapid relief and faster weight loss! 

Our network of licensed and NCQA certified clinicians build personalized treatment plans for each patient based on your unique symptoms and goals with scheduled follow-ups to track progress, if needed. Some care plans will recommend prescription medication to effectively treat the condition and that’s where our partner, Cost Plus Drugs, comes in.

Agile has teamed up with Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company to offer our patients access to thousands of medications at transparent, affordable prices. We are constantly adding new drugs and condition treatments to our site so that you can get back to your best fast.

In order to make healthcare more accessible to everyone, Agile always offers low-cost, affordable consultations without sacrificing on quality of care. How do we do this? By removing a lot of the overhead costs associated with in-person appointments. You still get the same level of care you would at the doctor’s office, without the added cost or wait time. Pretty cool, right? Call us a little biased, but we think so too!

How we support our patients

Okay, so you read about what we do, but maybe you need a little more information on how we actually do it—we totally get it! The big question—why would you choose Agile over other online, virtual care companies or an in-person visit? Here are a few reasons our current patients will vouch for us:

1. We offer same-day appointments to get you a treatment plan, fast. 

Say you wake up with a painful UTI or seasonal allergies are kicking your butt this year—just fill out a brief intake form and we can treat you that same day. No waiting room required. 

2. Low-cost and affordable healthcare without insurance. 

No insurance, no problem. Because we are able to get rid of the up-front administrative costs found with in-person visits, we’re able to make prioritizing your health easier for you and your wallet. 

3. Convenient and accessible care you can depend on. 

No need for transportation or having to take off a whole afternoon from work. Telehealth is available wherever you have a strong wifi connection and mobile device (laptop, phone or tablet). 

4. Personalized treatment plans made just for you.

Lower cost doesn’t mean lower quality of care. Quite the opposite actually! Our providers adhere to the highest of healthcare standards and secure a clear medical history from the patient before offering customized treatment. 

5. Your health is our top priority.

Agile offers our patients continuity of care. What is that exactly? It means you can see the same provider again for any follow-ups or questions. 

Our mission to increase access to care for everyone

The pandemic put a spotlight on healthcare gaps that were being supported by an outdated health system. Agile's goal is to help fill those gaps by modernizing healthcare and delivering easy, affordable care to those who need it most.

Historically, the healthcare needs of individuals in rural and marginalized communities have been ignored and underinvested in. A lack of providers and healthcare facilities in these communities has resulted in poorer health outcomes. 

To combat this, we built a platform where patients can receive preventative care and health management from wherever they are. By making healthcare more convenient and affordable, we can expand access into these underserved communities as well as the rest of the population.

As a company, we aim to make it easier for patients to seek the quality medical care they need and deserve.

How can Agile help with common conditions?

At Agile, we believe everyone should have access to excellent healthcare, regardless of where you are or when you need it. We offer convenient, virtual care across the U.S. for your most common medical conditions. Our network of providers are ready to address your unique concerns to deliver effective, personalized treatment in a timely manner. 

To tap into fast, cost-effective care now, schedule a consultation with one of our licensed clinicians!