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12/11/2023 | 3 min read

What Should I Expect From My Virtual GLP-1 Weight Loss Program?

Your comprehensive guide for weight management via telehealth

Semaglutide is a hormone that is used as a medication to improve blood sugar and satiate hunger

You’ve probably used telehealth for common health issues, like chatting with a doctor about COVID-19 or a pesky headache. But what about tackling something more long-term, like weight loss? 

Telehealth has been great for those immediate issues, but the big question is: can it really help with effective weight loss? The answer is yes! As we explore the landscape of virtual weight loss programs, we step into a world where technology meets daily lifestyle changes. 

Let’s jump right in and explore how a virtual GLP-1 weight loss program could look like for you. 

What is a GLP-1 and how does it help me lose weight? 

GLP-1 stands for “glucagon-like-peptide-1,” a natural hormone in the intestines that kicks in after meals. They help regulate blood sugar levels and boost insulin secretion. GLP-1 medications mimic this action, inhibiting glucagon release and making you feel fuller faster and longer. The result? A powerful tool for achieving safe and sustained weight loss.  

Branded GLP-1s, including Wegovy, Ozempic, Saxenda, Mounjaro, Victoza, Trulicity and Ryblesus, play a pivotal role in most medical weight loss programs. You may be asking “how do I qualify?” Well, it’s ultimately up to the clinician, but here are some factors that typically rule patients out.

  • Under 18

  • BMI less than 30 

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

  • End-stage kidney disease (on or about to be on dialysis)

  • End-stage liver disease (cirrhosis)

  • Current or prior eating disorder (anorexia/bulimia)

  • Current suicidal thoughts and/or prior suicidal attempt 

  • Cancer (active diagnosis or treatment)

  • History of organ transplant on anti-rejection medication

  • Severe gastrointestinal condition (gastroparesis, blockage, IBD)

  • Type 2 diabetes and on insulin

  • Type 1 diabetes

  • Diabetic retinopathy (eye condition related to diabetes)

  • History of or current pancreatitis

Once initiated on a GLP-1 medication, patients may experience dose escalations, known as titrations, taking into account factors like effectiveness, side effects and personal preference. A recommended weight loss pace of 1-2 pounds per week ensures a gradual and safe trajectory. 

What to expect from your first virtual weight loss visit 

Now, let’s talk about what happens during a virtual weight loss visit. The first visit is crucial because it sets the tone for the whole weight loss journey. Some programs choose to be entirely asynchronous, but starting with a synchronous visit helps you and your provider get on the same page about your unique treatment plan and weight loss goals. They can then help create a personalized program just for you. 

The first visit will likely include an introduction to the program, a brief dive into your health history and a review of any required labs. While labs may not be mandatory for everyone, they can definitely help make sure the program is safe and effective for you upon your clinician’s request. 

If labs are required, it’s likely they’ll include:

The session will set clear goals, discuss potential side effects and give you an idea of what to expect throughout your entire weight loss journey, including prescribed medications, dosages and follow-up visits. 

Why choose telehealth for your GLP-1 weight loss program?

Telehealth is a great option for GLP-1 weight loss programs for several reasons. 

  1. Convenience: With telehealth, you can connect with your doctor from the comfort of your home or on the go. This is especially beneficial for long-term weight loss programs as it eliminates the need for frequent in-person visits. It allows individuals to stay committed to their weight loss journey without the hassle of traveling to a physical location.

  2. Accessibility: Telehealth makes weight loss programs more accessible for everyone. People from different locations, like rural or remote areas, can easily participate in virtual visits without the hassle. This ensures that more individuals have the opportunity to benefit from GLP-1 weight loss programs. 

  3. Real-time interaction: Virtual visits provide the best of both worlds. You are still able to get real-time interaction with healthcare professionals, essential for understanding your unique needs, while also being able to check in asynchronously (via messaging or chat) at your convenience. During synchronous (live) visits, you can ask questions, discuss concerns and receive immediate feedback, fostering a deeper connection with your healthcare team. 

  4. Efficient, consistent monitoring: Doctors can efficiently monitor your progress in the GLP-1 weight loss program. Regular virtual check-ins allow for the adjustment of medication doses, addressing any side effects and ensuring that the weight loss plan is right on track. 

  5. Reduced barriers to care: Telehealth minimizes barriers to care, making it easier for individuals to seek help for weight loss. For those with busy schedules, transportation challenges or other commitments, virtual visits offer a flexible and convenient solution, increasing the likelihood of sustained engagement with the program. Telehealth visits also result in lower overall healthcare costs compared to traditional in-person visits, offering a more economical option for individuals seeking weight loss support. 

It’s important to note that any medical weight loss program should be paired with healthier eating and exercise habits. The key to sustained weight loss starts with long-term lifestyle changes in addition to any medications that are prescribed. 

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